It’s Time to Start Running Your Business Your Way.

Helping You With Personalized Business Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential

I deeply believe in you and your Unique Purpose – and It’s My Mission
to help you create a business in alignment so you can thrive doing what you love!

 You’re Ready To…

-Stand out with your unique offerings and attract (more) ideal clients 
-Market your business in a creative and authentic way, without feeling overwhelmed
-Focus on doing what you love, without losing focus and energy
-Identify your unique strengths and gifts
-Tap into Your Creativity and move into practical action steps
-Expand your business and break through limited beliefs

Your Unique Human Design holds The Key to an Aligned Business Expansion.

Human Design & BG5 offers you a map that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner
that is in sync with who you are. This is for you if you want ongoing (accountability) support with your established business.
If you need help to tap into your creativity followed by practical action steps, see the bigger vision , keep attracting new clients and having clarity about the next steps towards your desired success. This is also for you if you are not sure where to go from where you are now in your business and you want a customized approach that works for you and your business.

Because I know that Every Person and Every Business is Unique, this is not a
“one size fits all” Offering.



We’ll begin by doing an audit on your business, analyzing what’s working and what might need to be reworked to begin running your business in alignment with your design. We’ll dive into your Human Design, discovering your unique gifts, talents and strengths and conditioning blocks to understand how your design works with your business.


Combining your Human Design blueprint with your current business, we will look at the structure of your current business, marketing and offerings and align, upgrade and expand where needed so you will feel supported by a strong foundation in your business.


One of the most important pieces in your business is the Service Design Road-Map where we will bring the previous steps all together. This will bring clarity, focus and make sure you are taking your clients through a beautiful customer journey with effective and authentic marketing. You can re-use this road-map every time you have a new offering or want to upgrade your business.


With your design information, we will create personalized strategies that work for you and for your business, that matches your energy and highlights your gifts, so you can thrive while doing what you love. We will use your design to reveal your nice and unique brand message.


We’ll discover your unique and authentic marketing expression.
This will bring support with your story, mission and visibility as well as feeling confident to show up and share your message. We will look at different types of content that create interest and intrigue in your work and take practical action steps to move forward with this.


Together we’ll build confidence in your marketing and sales, learning how to leverage your design so that you can turn followers into clients without traditional scarcity marketing tactics.
We will look at any limited beliefs that might show up and re-write these into new, supportive beliefs so you can continue to thrive.

“With a kind heart and creative mind, Nadine has a knack for seeing the bigger picture, while keeping a keen eye on the fine details. Sensitive, versatile, diligent and with a high level of integrity and discernment, she is a blessing for any business or creative project.”

Alexander Horvath

Event Organizer

My Approach

My approach is both practical and intuitive.
I combine my years of entrepreneurial experience together with the Human Design system to guide you in a way that fits you and your business.
Because I naturally see the endless potentials and always hold you and your business in your highest vision, you will feel supported to expand.

If you are like me, you started your business out of a passion to share you gifts with the world or to share something you deeply believe in.
Therefor, I believe in you and I want you to thrive.

A moment of connection says more then these written words. So go ahead and book a free call through the button below if you are curious to explore more.

Working Together


As your personal business guide, you will get my unique Projector insights and personalized guidance on your business that will support you to thrive in success, to feel freedom in your creative expression and to have a strong business foundation. I help you remember who you came here to be and create a space for you to embody the most unique version of yourself.


1x kick-off call of 75 min in which we determine your goals, desires and make an outline for the focus in our Journey together
5 x Intensive 60-minute 1-on-1 sessions through Zoom (recording optional)
-Summary and practical action steps after each session per email
Human Design / BG5 Foundation Readings or Coaching (as part of the 6x calls)
Marketing / Service Design Road-Map for your Business
-Website, Social Media and content audit for optimization 
-Direct access to me as helpline and support per email / Telegram during week days
Weekly action plan + accountability support from me
Practical Tools / Homework to up-level your marketing strategy after each session
Written ‘Authentic Marketing plan’ after our sessions together to continue your success


The investment in this 1:1 Business by Design Journey of 3 months is €2200 for payment in full or 3x monthly payments of €735.
Ongoing business support after 3 months is available on request
Price includes tax

How It Works

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You are invited to book your free  Connection Call today! Together we can explore how I can support you and your business. With your input on the free booking questionnaire, I can give valuable input for you and your business before we even start.

Kick-Start Your Business Journey

After our Connection Call you have clarity about receiving Business & Marketing support from me and you can book your personalized Business journey.

Live Your Dreams

You have big dreams, you are driven and want to get the most out of entrepreneurship.
You want to make an impact and difference. I’ve got you, let’s do this!



“The Business Journey with Nadine has helped me enormously to really stand for who I am and to put my work (or what makes me happy and I want to share) out into the world.
Nadine has knowledge, overview and structure that is very clear and she knows how to convey this in a very loving and understandable way. Meanwhile, I have become wiser about who I really am, through Human Design (very informative) and we have made a plan so I know where my focus is. I feel confident in how everything stands and runs now and I couldn’t have made such a start without her.”


Artist & Women's Guide

“Thank you for taking the time to go through this process with me. I really learned a lot about my own functioning in work and in my private life.
In addition, I have learned to trust my qualities much more and experience more peace in my daily work. From the very beginning you always knew how to pinpoint my pitfalls and to give me insight into what is needed but also what is not needed.
I have seen the entire process as a very nice growth for my business, but also for me as a person.
It’s really the first time that I’ve been able to get a clear picture create a beautiful concept based on that.
This trajectory was absolutely worth every investment for me.”

Bram Stille

Body Rehabilitation Therapist

“Although I’ve worked in marketing for over 6 years, when it came to my own business there was so much resistance. Nadine helped me realize the power our message and our offerings can have when the’re beautifully curated. Her amazing Human Design knowledge helped me realized why I do the things the way I do, and even though others may not always understand them.. they’re part of my magic. “

Nina Plavnik

Life Coach

“I had a great experience working with you Nadine. There was structure, depth and ease in the sessions and it has therefore also provided more structure, depth and peace in my company.
You can feel exactly where the problem is and what is needed. You reflect and pierce when that is helpful.
Human Design has given me clarity about myself and about what is helpful to me and what is not.
I have gained more insight into my purpose, qualities and pitfalls and I now have a good foundation in my company, from which the rest can unfold. Your support in creating the right working environment for me to thrive was really a life changer!”

Loes Swinkels

Singer Song Writer & Coach