Shine Online

Group Program for Service-Based Businesses

Up-Level your Marketing & Grow Your Business

Helping You With Online Marketing & Visibility

Feel Like It’s Time to Shine Online with Your Business and Beautiful Offerings, But Not Sure How?

This 4 week program is designed for the entrepreneurs and creatives who have a service-based business which they are passionate about. In our time together we will get clear on your unique online expression and which (Social Media) channels to focus on for your business growth.
We will ground your creativity into practical action steps,
set up your Authentic Marketing to keep attracting new clients while having fun taking the next steps towards
your desired success.
This will certainly not be ‘one-size fits all’ as I will collect your own unique Human Design blueprint beforehand so I will include the exact way for you to run a business in alignment!

Shine Online

We believe in YOU, in your unique message and in your Business. The world needs your gifts now more then ever, let’s make them visible! This program will empower you in your unique visibility, so you can share your offerings with confidence.

Authentic Marketing

This is for everybody who needs support with their story, mission or online visibility. This is also for you if you want to increase your social media presence in a way that feels aligned for you and find effective ways to attract more engagement and new clients.

Service Design Road-Map

The Service Design Road-Map will bring clarity, focus and makes sure you are taking your clients through a beautiful customer journey. You will be able to re-use this road-map every time you will launch new offerings, seek clarity or expand your business.


Together with an intimate group of entrepreneurs, we are here to support, motivate and hold you accountable for the steps to take as well as holding you and your business in your highest vision and potential so you can thrive in freedom!

It’s Time to Start Running Your Business Your Way.

Marketing and business coaching is often offered in “one size fits all” which I personally do not believe in – every person and business is unique and deserves a customized approach.



➳A well-organized, flowing and thriving business
➳Creative Upgrades for your business
➳Focus in your business and a clear action plan
➳Accountability support
➳Increase your sales and feel confident with your offerings
➳Boost your Social Media Channels
➳Increase your visibility with confidence and joy
➳Grounding your creativity into action
➳To work smart and with heart
➳Grow your network and increase your impact
➳Learn how to implement Service Design into your business

My Approach

My approach is both practical and intuitive.
I am combing my years of entrepreneurial experience together with the Human Design system to guide you in a way that fits you and your business.
Because I naturally always see the endless potentials and always hold you and your business in your highest vision, you will feel supported to expand.

If you are like me, you started your business out of a passion to share you gifts with the world or to share something you deeply believe in.
Therefor, nothing makes me happier then to welcome you in our group of passionate entrepreneurs and support you stepping onto the stage of your business.

How It Works

Book Your Program

To start Shining Online, book our 4- week program of choice below. If you need more clarity around your specific needs, feel free to schedule a free Connection Call with me or send me a message. I am happy to support you in making the right decision for you and your business.

Welcome Questionnaire

After receiving your booking for Shine Online, you will receive a personal email + questionnaire to prepare for the program. This is where you get to set your intention and get your Human Design Blueprint to set up your Marketing & Visibility in alignment.

Reach Your Goals

You have big dreams, you are driven and want to get the most out of entrepreneurship.
You want to make an impact and difference.
I’ve got you, let’s do this!

Shine Online – 4 week group program

-5x Live Zoom calls with Nadine
-Finding your unique online expression through Authentic Marketing
-Service Design Map \/ Business Road-map that you can continue to use to optimize your business and every new service you offer
-Aligned Business Steps according to your Human Design
-Empowering exercises to manifest your (business) desires
-Social Media upgrade
-Entrepreneur support in Telegram


More Details

-This program is in English – One to One session can be scheduled in Dutch if needed
-Payment plan available, email for the options

VIP Shine Online – 4 week group program + 1:1 session

The VIP package offers you all of the the benefits of above group program, plus a powerful One to One session of 60 minutes with Nadine for personalized strategies, support and empowerment.
After this program you will have the opportunity to continue to work 1:1 with Nadine for continuous business support and growth.


More Details

-This program is in English – One to One session can be scheduled in Dutch if needed
-Payment plan available, email for the options

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