I’m Nadine

Business Coach & Advisor

Helping You Unlock Your Full Potential & Guiding You with Business Growth 

You’re here because you want to experience the highest levels of Success and Freedom, and you know it’s time to make it happen, for you.
You are ready to make more impact and income
by doing what you love and I am here to help you in doing so.

Human Design & BG5

Receive your unique Roadmap to fulfillment and success! Human Design can support to improve the quality of your life and enhance your business in a simple yet immensely effective way.

Business & Marketing

I help you to get personalized business and marketing strategies that work for you and for your business, so you can thrive and grow to your next level of success.

Helping You Achieve Success

It’s Time to Start Running Your Business Your Way.

Marketing and business coaching is often offered in “one size fits all” which I personally do not believe in – every person and business is unique and deserves a customized approach.

You have big dreams, you are driven and want to get the most out of entrepreneurship. You want to make an impact and difference. I’ve got you.

The Key to Unique and Aligned Business Expansion lies in Your Unique Human Design

Human Design & BG5 offers you a map that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.
With your design information, we will create personalized strategies that work for you and for your business, that matches your energy and highlights your gifts, so you can thrive while doing what you love.
Together alongside strategy and marketing I support you by unlocking what is unique to you
so you can….

Re-connect with your mission, strength and potential and thereby lay the foundation for lasting success and impact

Get clarity and focus for the next steps to take

Feel confident in your unique Visibility & Marketing expression

Stand out with your unique offerings and attract your ideal clients

Trust your own ability to navigate life, so you’ll become more accepting of yourself, and able to genuinely love yourself – and others.

I believe that you are more than enough to create a successful business.

Hi! I'm Nadine

to A business advisor, human design expert, visibility and soulful marketing guide, a visionary and empowerment coach for conscious and creative entrepreneurs with service based businesses.

I’m here to wholeheartedly guide you to grow your business in alignment with who you are, to bring your visions into visibility and shine online so you can share your unique message and offerings with the world and rise higher into success. I believe that you are everything you need to be successful and the most fulfilling & rewarding life and business you can imagine begins in your heart.


“Although I’ve worked in marketing for over 6 years, when it came to my own business there was so much resistance. Nadine helped me realize the power our message and our offerings can have when the’re beautifully curated. Her amazing Human Design knowledge helped me realized why I do the things the way I do, and even though others may not always understand them.. they’re part of my magic. “

Nina Plavnik - Cyprus

Astrology & Life Coaching

“Nadine is one of those rare people that made me shine as an artist by putting so much love and professional work into those important matters behind the scene/stage that I – as an artist – don’t like to do. It gave me the space to do what I do best : to create!”

Kareem Raïhani - Ibiza

DJ / Producer

“I am very pleased with the experience of working with Nadine, I loved that she allowed me to take my time and I felt the space to be myself. She reinforced the idea that I can do things my own way by incorporating some general tips and rules but also by letting me create a ‘business plan’ that I felt comfortable with.
Besides our Live sessions, I felt supported in emails with homework, social media and checking in with me regularly.
I launced and sold out my first workshop and there is a waitlist for more!
So, I would like to thank you for everything, for the encouragement, the support and the guidance for my business growth”

Elsie - Cyprus

Gaia Olea - Natural & Homemade Products