Business Advisor & Human Design Expert

Helping you embody your full potential

I believe we were put here for a purpose, to grow within ourselves, support each other’s expansion and serve the world with our unique gifts.

My Story

It takes courage to pave your own path and design your life the way you want to, yet I always did. At 19 years old I left to work abroad and live the dreamy life of a holiday representative which felt like my first ticket to freedom.
At 24 years old I quit my Tourism job – the first full time job
I ever had – and took a dive into the adventure of entrepreneurship without any experience or plan. I just knew I had to follow my Souls calling of guiding people towards Inner Freedom without knowing how this would look like.

I went to Thailand for self-discovery and this is where I literally breathed myself fully alive again and made it my mission to let others experience the same.
I got certified as a Breath Coach and my ambition brought me 5 wonderful years of teaching breath workshops in over 10+ countries, as well as organizing international events before
I started guiding other entrepreneurs on their unique path.

Human Design made me see and realize we are literally all different designed to live our lives and do business in our own unique way.
For years, I was comparing myself with other women and their business, their strategies, success and marketing – even though I had some of my own accomplishments already, it didn’t seem enough.
Following others was exhausting, confusing and frustrating.
I did not seem to reach the results they did.
Embodying my design, helped me to highlight my gifts, make aligned decisions, while feeling empowered to grow my business and do marketing my way.

Today, I am in tune with my business, follow my own strategies and dare to show up online authenticity and fully.
These past years I guided tons of conscious entrepreneurs to transform their visions into visibility, support with finding their own voice in authentic marketing as well as upgrade their soul purpose into an aligned and prosperous business and life.

I feel I am living my purpose by serving you and your business, it brings me great Joy and I am looking forward to connect and hear more about you!

My Values & Beliefs


I believe that you are everything you need to be successful 


I believe that every business is unique and that it deserves it’s own personalized strategies that works for you and for your business, that matches your energy and highlights your gifts.


I believe that you can live a freedom based life with a successful business – you don’t need to sacrifice your freedom

My Approach

It’s my mission to help you embody your full potential and thrive in the business you love.

I have the gift of truly seeing and feeling you and your business and receiving the inspiration for what it needs to expand and upgrade itself.
I lovingly guide you in a practical way, to upgrade your business and visibility in a way that feels supported and aligned.

You have a purpose inside of you that the world needs right now. It’s my mission to see you rise fully into your power, manifest the clients and life you desire and change our world with your divine gifts.

It’s time to shine!

“Working with Nadine has had an huge impact on both me and my business. She not only helped me find clarity in what I do and how to price accordingly, but also inspired me to see and connect with the unique magic of what I want to offer. And most of all she helped me find the courage to set foot into the unknown, to do uncomfortable things to help my vision grow. She really does work from the heart and inspires this in others.”

Nicky Marsh

Is your desire to have a coach, confident and partner in your corner, while you confidentially grow your business and thrive while doing so?

I hold the space as an expander who will walk besides you towards your highest visions.